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A Few Tricks to Help You Save on Your Energy Bill

If you find yourself in the camp of seeking coziness at a lesser cost, consider these tricks to slash your energy bill. 

Seal air leaks 

One of the most significant heating inefficiencies is escaped heat. Proper insulation can help deter the associated costs. A good place to start is weather stripping for doors and windows. Here's a resource to help you identify air leaks in your home.  

Make sure your heating system is in tip-top shape 

Make sure your furnace is in working order and that you have a clean filter. Check it monthly and replace it when it's dirty. Maintain wood or pellet stoves properly too. 

Don't heat every room 

Close doors and seal vents in rooms rarely used-like guest rooms or storage spaces-to better direct airflow to the rooms you spend the most time in. 

Keep it cool at night 

Bumping your thermostat down 10 or 15 degrees each night can save up to 10 percent on annual heating bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Programmable thermostats make the habit a mindless way to save. 

Turn on the fan 

Reverse your ceiling fans to run clockwise on a low setting to push down heat during colder months. Most ceiling fans contain a toggle switch on the motor, just below the blades, to control direction. 

Let the sun in 

Open curtains or shades on south-facing windows during the day to warm up your rooms via sunlight. Close them again in the evening to maintain a barrier between the room's warmth and chilly windows. 

Layer up 

If you can consistently tolerate temps a few degrees below your norm, maintain the energy savings and bundle up instead. Grab a couple warm blankets and a pair of slippers to stay cozy when the thermostat is down. 

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